I am thankful for good friends to fellowship with, who have the same ideas and intentions about community in Christ. We all want to be "up in each other's business", caring and sharing burdens and living life together.

I am thankful for "breakfast for dinner" and the Waffle of Insane Greatness. I never liked waffles until we found this recipe--the end product lives up to its name!

I am thankful for a husband who can redeem this old house with the work of his hands. Right now, its the garage/mudroom/"pigeon coop" area. By the time cold weather hits us, the rooms will be fully functional (and in the case of the latter, no longer a coop type room, but something useful and not gross. Okay, it was never a coop, but it looked like it!)

I am thankful for Pinterest. What a great idea!

I am thankful for my little W, and his enthusiasm for books, water, and showing me whatever catches his eye: airplanes! trucks! dogs! balls!

Thank You, God, for your good gifts and the eyes to see them.


  1. what a great title you have...to be full of thanks...what a great reminder! Love that! Oh and yes yes I LOVE the smell of the spice store...i wish my house smelt like that :-)

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  2. You know, I could be better at this. I'm essentially a grateful person, but I think I could revel in it a little more. Thank you :).