Just a short note because I want to remember this. Husband creates through photography and web design and bathroom tiles. I create through lunches & dinners, paint workshops, letters & cards, and shower curtains.

We all are created to be creators--image-bearers of the Creator, reflecting back His glory as we follow His lead and Make.

I want to remember this and I want to encourage my W and my friends and myself to not hold back, to let loose the gates of imagination and joy and Create.

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  1. It's always an important message to repeat, no matter how short.

    Do you think we, as image-bearers, are doing a good job of exemplifying His creativity, or do you think there's a lot to be desired? I often think that we tend to be copy-cats of the World, more than reflections of the Artistic Genius, and that's disappointing to me.

    Kudos for spreading the message of creativity!