even when you're tired, give praise

I've been so going-through-the-motions lately, trying to stay on top of to-do lists and baby's sweet cries. I have tried once or twice to make lists of gratitude, or even my favorite things, and come up empty. Maybe I haven't tried very hard. No, maybe I just haven't made space enough. Nevertheless, sometimes we must act and pray that the heart follows...

I am grateful for a pair of friends that GIVE of themselves every time we see them. Clothes, little treasures, food, many things they can't afford but give anyway. They floor me and humble me. It seems like the stinge-y people are most often those with so much. Why is that (me)?

I am grateful for the wisdom of the Desert Fathers, which I read in Space for God...

For example, "Abba Poemen said about Abba Pior that every single day he made a fresh beginning."

Or, "An old man said, "Constant prayer quickly straightens out our thoughts."

I am grateful for family, who cares for baby while I work, and helps me paint, and feeds me dinner and prays for us.

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