i say, you say, i wanna an icee juic-ay

1) My husband found a juicer at a garage sale, and got it for free! It is virtually brand new, and it is SO much fun watching newly pulverized & dehydrated beet/carrot/lemon/kale/apple fibers shoot out the back in bright colors. The juice that came out the front was, hmm, interesting. I think I'll leave the beet out next time. But check out the cool color:

UPDATE: Carrot/apple juice is much better. Next up, green lemonade.

2) Got to talk to three college friends in different states/countries this weekend. Beautiful.

3) Yesterday, I called in to my favorite radio program on the way to work, told a funny story about my neighbors, and won $100 in gift certificates! Sweeeet!! I don't think the neighbors heard, either, because we haven't had any angry knocks on the door yet. But really, who puts a unicorn in their front yard without expecting to get a few laughs?

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