the Good kind of macaroni and cheese

Last night, I was thankful for my new camera (a birthday present from my thoughtful husband). By the way, my birthday week did continue--much to my glee. I like being celebrated. Barbecue at the staff meeting, which wasn't specifically for me, but I felt like it was. Maybe like a little "I love you" from God. Lots of phone calls and cards on the day of. Lots of being reminded that I am loved.

Anyway, I was thankful for my new camera, so that I could take pictures of what else I'm thankful for. I thought I was going to be thankful for my fresh salad at dinner last night, so I took a picture. Romaine, feta, walnuts, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes. Usually yum.

But I ended up feeling not-at-all rabbit-like, and opted to eat a big bowl of macaroni & cheese instead. The Good kind. We got this huge pack of organic mac n cheese at CostCo, and while we were going through all 15 boxes, we convinced ourselves it was good.

It was not.

And now we are finally through with that pack, and so excited to have the good old Kraft back in the house. Mmm.

Thank You, God, for Your good gifts and the eyes to see them.

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