So I've had all sorts of things lately to blog about but no blog.

Such as:

- The wonders of library movies. I love renting movies for Free at the library! Hooray!

- Does anyone else think that Starbucks new Berry Chai tastes exactly like a Christmas candle? (think cranberry potpourri). Not something you want to be drinking. :)

- The fact that where I live, it can be 70 degrees one day, and then 20 & snowing the next. Maybe this is normal for some people, but I think its crazy. And adventurous.


  1. Hi Becs,
    Welcome to Blogland! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my One World-One Heart drawing. You have my sympathy (and empathy) for the loss of your grandmother. My heart goes out to you, your mother, and your family.

  2. Happy Blogging!

    I, too, love checking out movies for free at the library! Yay libraries!!

    And I'll stay away from that Starbuck's chai (I like Caribou Coffee's spice tea).

  3. If we did check out a movie from the library we would probably buy it three times over due to fines for being late... Don't really drink coffee(nor potpourri)but I am a fellow new blogger too! So I think we have something in common. I love your next post as well... I get caught up in checking work email at home as well and it just has a way of "messing" up the time you are trying to relax.